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Welcome to the DIS/DVC S.S. Member Cruise 2008 Website!
For anyone new to these events, Welcome Aboard!
For the repeaters, Welcome Back! Glad you want to go around again with us. :)

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DVC Mail!
Essential info for Cruisers!
Photo Gallery/Mini-Navigators!/Buttons!
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Fifth time around!

Now if you have not been on one before, you really should familiarize yourself with the last ones, as it will answer questions of what to expect.

Here's a link to the report we wrote on the first entire ship Member Cruise:
Click here to go read the SS Member Cruise 2003 report

And a link to the report we wrote on the 2005 Member Cruise:
Click here to go read the SS Member Cruise 2005 report

And a link to the report we wrote on the 2006 Member Cruise:
Click here to go read the SS Member Cruise 2006 report

And a link to the report we wrote on the 2007 Member Cruise
Click here to go read the SS Member Cruise 2007 report

DVC Mail!

If DVC sends out any email updates we'll post them here.

Official SS Member Cruise 2008 Website

Essential info for cruisers!

If you would like a word document that contains the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Tips Of The Day
Click Here!

For this special DVC event, tips ARE included for your stateroom host and main dining servers. You are responsible for tipping roaming drink servers, room service, Palo's, the spa, and anyone else outside of the two groups included.

While there is no formal or semi-formal dining evenings as there is on the Magic, one night may be designated as a dress-up night, but even that is not exactly mandatory. The other nights are considered cruise casual, as an example, for men, polos/dockers would be acceptable. And don't forget Pirate night, where wearing some kind of pirate oriented attire is encouraged.

Documents - They look like small books with sheets that tear out. It is important that your documents are filled out before walking up to the window to check in. DCL has a new online checkin feature on their website to do most of the form filling out in advance. The advantage to this is if you repeat cruise all the info will already be entered :)

Click Here to go to the DCL online checkin! For the written docs a few things of note.

a) Credit card form. Only one adult in the party needs to fill this out. You just list who all can charge against that card.

b) Luggage tags. Put these on your luggage before heading to the ship. If you are flying down earlier than Sunday, and not using Disney transport, do NOT put the tags on until you're going to the ship!

c) Be sure before you leave home that you have taken your documents and your passports or birth certificates and picture ID. If you are using a birth certificate, make sure it is a state office issued one. Hospital ones with footprints or the like are not.

DCL Luggage Tag 101

You will have recieved in your docs tags for your luggage. There are some guidelines, the thing with the tags is timing.

Disney is setup to automatically take luggage with tags to the ship from Orlando International Airport.

Going to the ship

IF you're flying in the day of sailing and going directly to the ship. Yes you want to tag any luggage that you want Disney to transfer for you before even checking it with your airline at home. They will pull it before it even arrives at the carousel to pick up. I'd still suggest taking a sec to look at the carousel to make sure it doesn't show up there with the tag having fallen off.

Now, if you're flying in early you don't want to use these tags until you're going directly to the port. Disney may pull them right along with other cruisers and go to the ship without you. You will instead be giving over these bags to helpful porters who'll load them in bins to be brought onboard the ship when you arrive at the terminal. Might want to think about tipping these guys, they hustle and live on your tips.

Leaving the ship

On the last night of the cruise, you'll receive in your stateroom other tags to put on all your checked luggage. Remove the old tag and put these on, then put them outside your stateroom door when you go for dinner. They will be collected and be waiting for you in the terminal when you disembark. There will be extra tags available in bins by guest services if you need more, or want some for scrapbooking. Another important thing, bring some address labels for envelopes to put on these tags, simplifies the process.

Photo Gallery/Mini-Navigator!/Buttons!

On past cruises, we did a photo gallery where members could see those who they were sailing with, when and where they joined DVC and their cabin numbers. This is so you can recognize your fellow DISers on the cruise.  We ask that you be an active DIS member to be involved with the group.  It is as simple as signing on to the DIS and posting on the thread.  Here is our current thread:  http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1873595

We would like to coordinate all the information upfront. Linda/seaulater will be producing a navigator from this information. We will be notating up front if you want to be part of the buttons. Tell us what name you want on your button and buttons are for everyone - not just the DIS members of your family.

Please note that as of September 1st we are no longer taking info for the buttons.  We will have some blanks at the two DIS meets for any late joiners.

Cabin numbers are only required for button production. If you do not want that number or other information shared any further, please say so. Participation in the rest of the meets and such does not hinge on this information. It's up to you what you do, and such sharing of information is however only going to help out with any group get togethers. The buttons/gallery/webpage is just a tool for you to use to help meet other Disers. How much you get involved is up to you. The buttons are provided free, this effort is our gift to the group to help identify fellow Disers.

Please send the following information to member2008@monorailgreen.info

  • Dis name of anyone in your party that has one.(We want at least one person from each group to be an active Dis member)
  • Real names of eveyone in your party and relationship(husband, wife, daughter, etc..)
  • Cabin number(required only for the button - request if you don't want it published but we want ot make sure your buttons get to you)
  • Birthdays of everyone in your party
  • Anniversary date
  • Year you bought into DVC and where you own (for the buttons)
  • Early/late seating
  • Where you are staying the night before the cruise? (not for the grid or the web page but so we can try and coordinate a DIS meet the night before)
  • Button? yes or no (specify who is getting one- be detailed!)
  • Photo (.jpg or .gif please so we can get to 'meet' you and your family)

Here's a link to the Gallery: Click here to see the pictures!

The buttons will look like this, example from a past cruise shown:
We will be working from the sbumitted information for making the buttons, so make sure you get it in!

No info, no buttons.

The First DIS Meet - Pre-cruise:

Saturday, September 20th 3PM Eastern time
The Solarium in the Beach Club

This is an optional meet for anyone who comes down early, if you get there, cool, but just as cool if your first meet is onboard the ship! 

The sign going in
the room the room reverse angle
A map


The Second DIS Meet - Sailing Day:

Onboard the Wonder Sunday, October 21st  3pm
Promenade Lounge


And this is probably going to be the more common DIS meet. Everyone should be able to get to this one ok. We can try for some kind of group shot if everyone is game. We can also meetup there after the lifeboat drill for the sailaway party. The reason for the main meet to be before, is the sailaway party will be mobbed and VERY loud! Not the best time for everyone to get to know each other.

The comments on these pages do not necessarily represent Disney, The DIS, Dreams Unlimited, or WDWINFO.COM other than being a member of the Disboards, just as you!

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