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The Second Day at Castaway Cay

October 24, 2007

Now today is our second day at CC, There are two main focuses, the first being the member photo shoot. Now here's one of the people who really brings these events to life for us on the cruise, Matt(on the right) who is really in charge of organizing the events from the DCL side of things, and really does a great job:

Now here's your shot at some fun: Go ahead and find yourself in this crowd!
Gridded Group Shot
And here's links to each frame 1-5 from left to right: Frame #1 Frame #2 Frame #3 Frame #4

Now one thing I hadn't covered too well, There is a great amount of DVC theming going on from the DCL crew side of things, like this:
dcl decor

We spent the day split between biking the island and getting back to the ship to start the packup to leave tomorrow.
the observation tower

Even Dinner had some DVC in the dessert!
dessert decor

The second focus of the day was the evening show, The Disney Beauties Celebrate Broadway. This was a fun show, though there certianly was some silly acting by each player leading to presenting their slice of Broadway/Disney experiences.
From left to right, Eden Espinosa, Andrea McArdle, and Sarah Litzsinger. Not to say the other two were exactly chopped liver or something, but Eden was certainly the show stealer that night presenting part of her work in Wicked, what an incredible singer she is!
Disney Beauties

For the last evening's gift were two more pins and a throw for each of us:
last gift
And to wrap this up, even the morning of disembarking the ship, they had something ready to send up on our way: dessert decor

Here's something I did last year and I think it warrents it again...so the good, the bad and the amazing from the 2007 DVC Member Cruise!
The good:

They got all the little details right. All of the photos had wonderful digital frames to them and had the right ports (last year they listed that we went to Nassau).

A nice touch at dinner last night...white chocolate disks with the Disney Vacation logo on them. Much like back in 2003.

The DVC staff seemed much happier this year and were always asking how things were going and were we enjoying ourselves.

Very organized for things like the signatures. I only went to one for Richard Sherman but it was held in Studio Sea and you got a number when you walked in and could relax until your group was called. Much better than being in a long line.

Having a dedicated website for the cruise. Nice!

The bad:

Still wish they hadn't cut short our first Castaway Cay day to do a sales pitch. I will say it was a much better show than past years with better incentives to add on and not quite so pushy. Still it would have been nice to get on the island earlier than 10:30.

Honestly that was the only negative I had.

The amazing:

OMG - the line up this year was remarkable.

The insider stories were fantastic and these guests brought so much of themselves to the table.

As I have already stated Richard Sheman's concert was by far the highlight of the cruise for me. That man is amazing and still so down to earth.

Last nights concert of the Broadway Beauties was wonderful as well. These ladies can sing! I've never seen Wicked but the two songs perfromed were wonderful!

All in all DVC did a fantastic job and we are ready for 2008!

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