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A Day at Sea!

October 23, 2007

Well I can say that the guest line-up for this cruise has been the best ever! The history lessons we are getting are amazing. Stories of working with Walt on a daily basis. Inside scoops from those who were there. It has been wonderful. I even had the good forture to run into Richard Sherman this afternoon and tell him how much his performance last night meant to me.

Saw 3 more legends today.
First was a presentation by Imagineer Extraordinaire, Mary Sklar.
The presentaiton was wonderful, because most of his presentation involved behind the scenes materials they asked we take no pictures.
Marty Sklar

Then in the afternoon, an interview in the WD theater with X Atencio one of the last of the great ride designers and animators and Alice Davis who was the lead of the costuming department for most of the ride figures you see around WDW. This interview was kind of melancholy, as you can see how we are close to losing some of these great people from some of the major events in the history of Disney.
Alice & X

Had a wonderful brunch at Palo - yum!
palo brunch desserts

Got to see the shuttle launch not only on the Dumbotron but we were also able to see the contrail of the shuttle in the sky.
(Images courtesy of Linda/seaulater)
Thanks Linda!
Thanks Linda!

Blue skies and sunshine and the pools are crowded, did the galley tour and then did some walking around. All in all a great day and it isn't over yet!

We go back to the room and find a nice surprise in a reproduction Life magazine's coverage of the opening of WDW.
Room Gift

At dinner, we get something that's probably a better keepsake than the actual event for the evening.
Ball Chocolate

The show for the evening was Disney Dreams, but after the show was this mysterious thing called the Legends Ball. I honestly don't know what they intended it to be, but crowding the entire ship's compliment in the Atrium to wait until they could get the Legends organized to make this sweeping presentation out of Tritons' front doors fell kind of flat. There were numerous obvious snafus in getting it going, that by the time they actually did the atrium was just hot, crowded, and noisy to the point that most left as soon as the presentation was over.

We go back to the room to find another set of pins and instructions on what's going to happen tomorrow when we get back to Castaway Cay.
turndown gifts

On to the second visit to Castaway Cay!

Next up Castaway Cay, part 2!!!
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