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Castaway Cay, Day 1

October 22, 2007

And we docked at Castaway Cay! Got a late start on the island same as last year due to a DVC presentation. This is stil the one thing that is a pet peeve for Mark and he flat refuses to attend it even after being the big drawing winner last year. I will say that they learned some things from last year and it wasn’t as hard a sell and offered some great incentives for adding on (we aren’t). For adding 250 points you get booked on the 2008 Member Cruise in a Cat 6 (2 adults). Yes there will be a 2008 Member Cruise. I believe the dates are September 21st and booking is November 17th.
DVC Presentation

After that we headed out to the island.
members have claimed the island

Mark and I did the jet skis. Lots of fun but I’m just not very good at them. Then we had lunch at Cookies, did some walking around and then we went back and showered and relaxed before the first of the legends presentations this afternoon.
Virginia Davis is a sweetie and listening to her talk about working with Walt when she was 4 ¾ years old was wonderful.
Virginia Davis

Then we got to hear all about the Walt Disney Archives from Dave Smith. Again just amazing. Dave Smith

Came back to find a really cute Steamboat Willie print waiting for us.
Steamboat Willie

We also have been given lots of little gifts as part of the fish extender exchange with our fellow DISers. Thanks to Pauline for organizing it and Linda for doing such a cute navigator showing who was playing.
Fish Extender

Tonight is a special performance by Richard Sherman and then the Pirates In the Caribbean Party. One other little tidbit – we backed into the island today and I assume we’ll pull in on Wednesday since they usually do that on picture day. So everyone with a verandah should have a view of the island one of the two days.

Those of you who read my reports last year know that I said seeing Roy Disney was a once in a lifetime experience and it truly was.
I didn’t think anything would have been better than that, I was wrong.

We just got back from a performance by Richard Sherman.
It was an amazing experience and I relived my childhood tonight.
You all know Richard Sherman even if you think you don’t.
Think of any song from Mary Poppins….he and his brother wrote them.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…that was theirs too. Oh and a little song called It’s a Small World.
This man truly is a Disney Legend.

And here's a clip for you to enjoy!
Richard Sherman Video
Click the above image to watch the video!

DVC hit a home run with the entertainment for this years cruise!

Tonight’s gift was a copy of the Jungle Book soundtrack (also written by the Sherman Brothers).
We hope to get it autographed.
Jungle Book

Next up a Day at Sea!
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