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Sailaway Day!

October 21, 2007

Member Cruise 2007 is starting out great!
The Wonder was ready and waiting for us!
Port Cam

We actually took our time getting to the port so we were in boarding group 7.
Ambiance in the atrium more than made up for it, they had the usual decor of
Member oriented banners and such. And, of course Dee Vee Cee this time bringing along Ariel Cee!
Dee n Ariel

Boarding is so efficient we were on in no time. There were the usual DVC reprentations beginning with a nice ice and fruit sculpture in the atrium.

They also had decor on the rest of the ship.

For the sailaway, they brought out first the DVC crew:
DVC Crew

And then the legends, from L-R, Dave Smith, Alice Davis, Virginia Davis, X Atencio, Richard Sherman, and Marty Sklar.

And off we go!
Ron Jon
Two Palms
Thanks to Verandah Man/Andy for the ship pictures!

Our first gift waiting for us were little red suitcases with Mickey on them.
Inside is a stuffed Mickey, a set of "tickets" from the original parks,
a really nice nylon duffle bag and a photo frame. Very cute.
Giftcase Open

After Dinner, we also got a little booklet telling us all about the Legends crusing with us.

They are:

Richard Sherman of the Sherman brothers
Inducted in 1990. You've all heard their work...Mary Poppins, Jungle Book, It's A Small World.

X. Atencio
Inducted 1996. He wrote the lyrics to Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life for me and worked on Fantasia.

Virginia Davis
Inducted in 1998. This wonderful woman was Disney's first star even before Mickey Mouse.
She played Alice in the Alice comedies begining in 1923.

Marty Sklar
Inducted in 2001. He's been the only man who has been part of every Disney Theme Park Opening.
His title today is Ambassador for Walt Disney Imagineering.

Alice Davis
Inducted in 2004. She has dressed all the dolls in It's A Small World as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dave Smith
Disney's newest legend inducted this year. The founder of the Walt Disney archives.

We're in awe of these legends and can't wait to attend the presentations.

Also in a special performance later in the cruise are:

Eden Espinosa - currently starring in the Los Angeles company of Wicked
Sarah Litzsinger - who starred as Belle for 3 years on Broadway.
Andrea McArdle - the original Annie who has also starred as Belle. We saw her in 2003 and enjoyed her performance.

On to the first Castaway Cay day of the trip!

Next up Castaway Cay!!!
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