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Castaway Cay Day 2

October 25,2006

Castaway Cay day 2 was as good as day 1. Perfect day, maybe even better temperature wise than day 1. The day started out with a mostly futile hunt for special DVC rocks that you could bring to the member clubhouse on Deck 2 to get an additional prize with it, which turned out to be a leftover 'Twice the Magic' hat from when the Magic visited CC twice during the summer. The reason I say futile, is they put out 70 rocks before we docked, all on the beaches in visible places. What DVC didn't count on is there were people ready to go who swept the beach clean of every last one, we heard someone had 16 of them. DVC should have made it clear it was one rock to a customer. But nonetheless a fun day on the island.

The next thing up on this day was the beach group shot.
Now here's your shot at some fun: Go ahead and find yourself in this crowd!
Gridded Group Shot
And here's links to each frame 1-5 from left to right: Frame #1 Frame #2 Frame #3 Frame #4 Frame #5

All of us camped out one spot on the beach:
Since there wasn't one from DVC, our own 'sand sculpture':

Mary went to an afternoon presentation with the WDW Ambassador Michael Collier and had good things to say of it.
WDW Ambassador

The evening was a stage show with Jodi Benson and Jennifer Hudson, which was great! Jodi was in excellent form, and I was pleasantly surprised in a low key divaness from Jennifer, considering what Idol fans had been saying. Both were in excellent voice, and the show was VERY entertaining.
signboard Jennifer & Jodi

The farewell event in the atrium just ended, and for this cruise the only concrete info on the next is the following. Jim asked if we'd like to go again, which got a loud cheer. He added a disclaimer something like this doesn't mean we have another one going yet. Another source of info is the Member Clubhouse on Deck 2 where someone said we should be watching for a mailing in about a month with info on the next event.

It's now almost 11, and time to post the pictures.

The banners leading into the WD Theater:
And Today's day gift:
And tonight's incredible gift the 8.5x11 leather-like covered memory book:

Pictures don't do the the last one justice, it has a solidness to it you can't know unless in person. It's also making people who're flying a bit of fret as it is quite heavy.
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