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A Day at Sea

October 24,2006

Boy do I love sea days!

Got up early and met up with some fellow DISers to walk around deck 10. Then stopped and watched the sun come up.

After that I grabbed a small breakfast and headed back to the cabin to eat it on the verandah. Then I wrote and delivered some thank you notes.

Next up was 10 am brunch at Palo. We were honored to share the meal with Cindy and Gary. Palo definately seemed like DIS central as there were so many of us there.

Then it was to the 1pm conversation with Roy Disney. How wonderful! The history and stories are great.
Roy Disney

Went to the Castaway Club party but it was packed and didn't stay long.

Then went up to hear Jim Lewis. As reported no big news but it was good to meet the team.
James Lewis

After dinner we had Julie's bachlorette party tonight. We surprised them at dinner with two special cakes and all the DISers gathered round singing "Happy Wedding To You"!
As promised, I have a few more pics, more of the inroom gifts.

This was last night's gift, yes, another pin in a neat package, the chests are very solid little things:

This afternoon's gift, custom Ducky Williams notecards, two of each character:

And tonight's gift, another day themed pin:

Now, what's on the note in the bottle is an invite to the group photo tomorrow on the boat beach. And a hint that there are special DVC rocks scattered about on the island and they are souvenirs on their own, but if we bring them back there's something else we'll get as well at the Member Clubhouse.

Next up Castaway Cay Day 2
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