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Day 1, Sailaway Day!

October 22,2006

Thanks to Curt for allowing Mary to use his laptop to change the trip report thread title in the terminal yesterday.

Thanks to Andy for the great shots!

Our day yesterday started at 8:30 over at Beach Club. That's where those of us on the party bus met up. The bus showed up right on time at 9 am and after loading it up we were on our way. A great big thank you to our bus driver Thomas who really helped make it great. Tina and Tim brought 10 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and a number of cases of bottled water! John and Gary did a great job of making sure everyone had everything they needed for the ride and acted as our flight attendants. Jeff had brought along the video he made of last years Member Cruise and we watched that on the way over to the port!

Got to the port a little after 10. Drop off was smooth and since we had so many left over donuts and water we gave those to the porters who were quite happy! Got boarding #3 and met up with the rest of the DIS gang over on the couches.
Thanks to Amy for taking the sign over to the port for us. A great time to mix and mingle.

I got a chance to meet Darlene in the terminal. Hi Darlene - and thanks! Next up boarding! We were soon walking into the Atrium of the beautiful Disney Wonder. We bypassed the instructions to go to Parrot Cay and instead headed up to eat at Beach Blanket. Hey I'm from the North and anytime I can eat outside in late October I'm going for it. Outside at Beach Blanket seemed to be the choice for many DISers and were soon joined by a lot of the group.

After that it was a quick walk around to see the improvements made in drydock. Love the Dumbotron, the waterfalls at the adult pool look cool. Haven't seen the spa but heard it was great. One disappointment is they took out the computer terminals at Cove Cafe. So unless they are hiding them somewhere else there is no adult only internet area.(We found out later they are setting up laptops up there for use) Since it is early morning I'm the only one at the internet cafe right now but I used to love to post from Cove Cafe.

And then we have the baking hot meet up on Deck 10. Usually a good place to meet, but the record high 91 and no wind and full sun made it a bit toasty!
Deck 10 Meet

We head to our rooms and find that DVC has put up wipe-off boards on the doors. Cool (and yet another idea I think stolen from the DIS groups as one of the gifts from Gail and Cindy were small wipe-off boards with our group logo on it). Inside was our Castaway Club gifts and two big Mickey head boxes. Very cute.
the boxes
Inside the boxes was a blue 15th anniversary hat, blue 15th anniversary bag, a cute Mickey statue holding a cork board (to display pins) and a Giant 15th anniversary pin. Very cool!
Inside the boxes

Special Member Cruise merchandise was available for purchase in Mickey's Mates including polo shirts, t-shirts, luggage, and a special pin. Mark went before dinner and got the polo shirts and t-shirts. When I went back after dinner to see about the pin (he said the line for that was huge) it was choas in there. I really liked the way they handled it last year better with being able to pre-order.

Went to dinner and found we take up one whole side of Parrot Cay. Our group starts right when you walk in the door and ended by the back wall. We have a great group at our table. Chris & Mike from MI, Mary from MI, Karen from VA, and Annmarie and Tom from MA.

Julie and Matt our soon to be wed couple got invited up to the Walt Suite for drinks and got to meet Roy Disney!

After dinner I joined a fun group of DISers up on deck 9 to watch the World Series on the Dumbotron. Tigers were winning when I left a little after 10.

That's it for day 1. We are headed to Castaway Cay!
Next up the First Castaway Cay Day!
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