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Welcome to the DIS/DVC S.S. Member Cruise 2005 Website!
For anyone new to these events, Welcome Aboard!
For the repeaters, Welcome Back! Glad you want to go around again with us. :)

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Trip Objectives
DVC Emails
First Time Cruiser Info
For the Kids
Door signs and clipart
DIS Navigator
Stateroom Tours
Scrapbooking Class
Photo Gallery
Tee Shirts
Dis Meets
A Guide to Key West
Fluff! or other fun stuff to do!

Second time around!

Now if you have not been on one before, you really should familiarize yourself with the last one, as it will answer questions of what to expect. Here's a link to the report I wrote on the last Member Cruise:
Click here to go read the SS Member Cruise 2003 report

Trip Objectives

Now some of you may be interested in why we do these DIS meets, buttons and the like. Here's a link to my philosophy on the whys:

I was alone with my thoughts at work....(click)

DVC Emails!

DVC is sending out email updates again!
Here you go if for some reason you don't get one:
Click to read the 10/28/04 Cruise Update email!

Click to read the 12/22/04 Cruise Update email!

Click to read the 02/28/05 Cruise Update email!

Click to read the 05/09/05 Cruise Update email!

Click to read the 06/30/05 Cruise Update email!

Click to read the 08/25/05 Cruise Update email!

Essential info for First Time cruisers!

Documents - within the next 3-4 weeks we should be getting our documents. They look like small books with sheets that tear out. It is important that your documents are filled out before walking up to the window to check in. A few things of note.

a) There is a Bahama's imigration form in there. Yes you should fill it out since Castaway Cay is in the Bahama's.

b) Credit card form. Only one adult in the party needs to fill this out. You just list who all can charge against that card.

c) Luggage tags. Put these on your luggage before heading to the ship. Unless you are flying down Sunday and going direct to the ship DO NOT put them on your luggage before you fly down.

d) Be sure before you leave home that you have taken your documents and your passports or birth certificates and picture ID.

For the Kids!

Due to the combined efforts of HookedonWDW/Lisa and cgcw/Cindy, we have a kids connection, complete with a surprise and everything. Here's the last post with all the pertaining info in it: ATTENTION PARENTS TRAVELLING WITH KIDS!!!!

Door Signs!

The cabin doors are magnetic, and something that's come up has been the interest to celebrate on the outside of the door. All you need is some kind of home publishing program(Print Shop, Picture It!, etc..) and magnetic paper that's at most office supply stores. Try to find the Avery product as it's thinner, some printers have issues with the heavier kinds. Some interest has been expressed in the thread, so here's links to some Member clipart for that use!

S.S. Member Cruise logos:
Version one, the exact original one from DVC. The logo with the DVC logo still in the middle.

Version two, made by Mary, a preformatted blank for a doorsign, It's the logo, with the DVC logo moved off to the sides of the preservers, the center is lime green, and it has www.disboards.com on the bottom.

Version three, is the logo, just with the DVC logo moved off to the sides of the preserver.

Version Four, same logo as three, but with lime green on the outside of the preserver, this is the actual button blank

DVC Logos:
DVC logo from the SS Member cruise logo

DVC logo, the Member decal they used to sell at the stores

Announcing the DIS Navigator by WDWLVR/Mary!

Since this was only a 4 day cruise I wasn't going to do it, but now that we are talking rooms tours and needing to contact people I thought i would offer it up.

For our 10 day cruise I did a mini DIS Navigator. It was printed on lime green paper and listed everyones DIS name, real first names and room numbers. It was a great way to find each other if needed (like when Linda put little hanging reminders on our doors for the scrapbook session). In fact I think Linda did something similar, but probably more more detailed for the repo cruise.

So - Mark has everyone's room numbers. HOWEVER we are only going to list those who want to be listed. Not everyone wants thier room number known and we respect that.

So if you want to be listed in the Navigator please either post here or drop me a pm. Cut off will be Sunday August 21st. If I don't hear from you by then you won't be listed.

We will make a pdf copy available up on the web site that week if you want to print it out ahead of time and we'll have paper copies at the two DIS meets.

Let me know what you think and if you want to be included.
Contact WDWLVR(Mary) via PM or email to update!

Click here for the a printable version of the navigator!

Stateroom Tours!

Thank you so much to all of the people who have volunteered their staterooms for this tour. We will be touring all of the room types with the exception of a Category 12. The tour is tentatively scheduled to take place on Monday morning at 10:00 am, barring any scheduling conflicts with DVC activities. If there is a change in the tour schedule, Cindy (cgcw) has generously agreed to notify everyone of the new plans. Notification will be made on your fish/fish extenders.

Click here for the last post on it!

Scrapbooking Class!

TIME: 12:30-1:30 pm
WHEN: Tuesday, September 6
WHERE: On the ship (location most likely will be the Promenade Lounge) – will update once on board
WHO: DISBOARD members and friends. Beginners welcome

Click for Linda's last post on the subject.

Photo Gallery!

Mary has already set up the Photo Gallery so we all will be able to find each other better.
Here's a link to that as well: Click here to see the pictures!

To send Mary photos for the gallery, just send them to this email address: marygums@monorailgreen.info Be sure to identify who is in the photo, your dis name, your cabin number, when you became part of DVC and where you own points. Also make sure the photo is of a good size and shows the party members clearly.


Buttons are done! At this point I will not be taking any more new requests!

The button machine will be run thru this weekend then put away. Sorry, but with 3 weeks to go to the cruise and one of those weekends includes another trip, I'll have NO time to be making any more of them.

I leave the rest of this, just incase there is some extreme reason for me to dig it back out..

If your name is not on the list, I need the following info to make you any: They will look like this:
Check the list from the following link to make sure I have all info correct!
Member Cruise Button List

Email any corrections to:member2005@monorailgreen.info

Tee Shirts!

krdisneybound/Kay has had tee shirts made up using a logo designed by JohnVN and his wife Cathy.

Contact her by pm or email, they are in limited quantities.

The First DIS Meet:

The first DIS meet will be VERY obvious, since Disney Vacation Club is throwing us a BIG party!

(clipped from the May 9 Member Cruise Email!)

Many Members joining us for the "Happiest Celebration at Sea" have mentioned that they plan to arrive in Central Florida prior to our sailing date. Being all ears, we listened—and you'll be happy to hear that there's something fun for you to attend while you count down the final hours to the cruise. We're hosting a "Bon Voyage Party" in your honor!

Spend time with your Disney Vacation Club neighbors prior to the start of our special sailing. Light refreshments will be served. And since Pleasure Island is right in the middle of the Downtown Disney area, you'll have your choice of dozens of dining and entertainment establishments to visit afterwards. Disney Vacation Club Members and their Guests sailing on the S.S. Member Cruise 2005 voyage also will enjoy complimentary admission to all Pleasure Island nightclubs on the evening of September 3, 2005.

Fulton's Crab House pic
The picture above will be the location of the first DIS meet which is in front of Fulton's Crab House(the paddlewheeler) going from 3 to a few minutes before 4pm, we will then move to the DVC party location to join the big party!

A rain out location (hope we don't need it!)will be the McD's which is right there too.

The Second DIS Meet:

Onboard the Wonder Sunday, September 4th
by 3 pm BEFORE the Lifeboat Drill, which usually happens at 4pm
Deck 10, Midship(above the Goofy Pool, on the dock side)

Backup meet point if the weather isn't co-operating will be Deck 4 midship, the Promenade Lounge

And this is probably going to be the more common DIS meet. Everyone should be able to get to this one ok. We can try for some kind of group shot if everyone is game. We can also meetup there after the lifeboat drill for the sailaway party. The reason for the main meet to be before, is the sailaway party will be mobbed and VERY loud! Not the best time for everyone to get to know each other.

Quick Key West guide!!

If you are interested in either of the two land based island tours, either the Conch Train or Trolley tours!

I have one very solid piece of advice: Think Twice! I will tell you why, keep going..

-You can get a better deal booking them yourself online right now!

-The tours thru Disney are a one-shot, you start at the dock, end back at the dock. Booking it yourself with the Trolley, you can get on and off as many times as you want, where you want(there's 8 stops across the island). More like a shuttle bus, but they still do tell you all about the island, the tour part doesn't change either way. This part is important, as there are sights all over the island, and it isn't that small that you can walk it easily with kids/elderly. They will give you a map too so you can figure out where you want to go.

-Port clearance happens a LOT sooner than the tour excursions. You can get started on exploring the island a lot sooner on your own.

Here's a link to the tour operator's website:
Historic Tours of America, Key West

You want the Conch Train if you still want a one-shot tour.
The Trolley, if you want to do other things across the island.

Now, for points of interest across the island. (the names are links to their websites)

The Key West Aquarium

This is a fun aquarium to visit and it's right near the docks. When you get to the main intersection after leaving the dock area just turn left, it's right there. They have Shark and Stingray feedings that are fun to see and they tell you about the other marine life they have. I'd recommend this as a on the way back to the ship stop.

The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

This is a huge indoor tropical scene with TONS of Butterflies, and some birds and turtles and fish, Beautiful tropical plants, I do call this a do not miss.

Key West Lighthouse & Keepers Quarters Museum

If you want the absolutely BEST view of the island, this is the place BY FAR. I will warn you of a few things, it is a long climb up a steel spiral staircase, so if you have problems with heights or narrow places, it may not be for you. Also, one direction from the lighthouse is a gay men's club and they have a clothing optional pool. There wasn't anyone even there when we went up, but be warned....

The Southernmost Point

This is a huge cement icon at the far end of Duvall Street(miles away) from the Docks that everyone gets their picture taken at. It's literally around the corner from the Butterfly Museum so you can take a minute to stop and see if you want.

Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum

Being a Chicagoan and an avid book reader, I was kind of looking forward to this. I will admit to being a bit disappointed. If you want to see a place where he lived once and how it looks many years later, go for it. It's not as much of a museum as it is an old house with some historic value and some little tidbits of his. Oh, and lots of cats. Lots and lots of cats.

Duvall Street

This is the main street across the island from the port to the Southernmost point and has the bulk of the shops along its length. Margaritaville is there, there is a cool department store that I can't for the life of me remember the name of.

The best grocery store on the island!!

Fausto's!!If you are trying to figure out how to get the groceries for in your cabin before boarding the ship at Port Canaveral, dont bother. Go here instead. It's a short walk from the dock, their prices are very reasonable, and they have a great selection. All you do is walk up Duvall until you get to Fleming, turn left it's the next block over.

Ok, that's all for now. (like, that wasn't enough??)

I will say these are all the things we've done on the island, there are other things to do, I've heard good things about a Jetski tour for the more adventureous, and the Pirate Museum is good too, but havn't been there.

Fluff! or, other fun stuff to do!


These are flipflop shoes being sold at Walmart, that when you walk the straps blink. They of course come in DIS lime green.

Fish Extenders

No, this is not an aquatic life cosmetic accessory. What they are is you have an item called a 'message fish' on the wall right next to your cabin door so people have a place to leave you a message. It can hold paper, or an envelope or such, but that's about it. So to make more room, people have come up with a hanger to hang on the fish with pockets to hold more stuff. Sometimes sold as a wall hanging to hold greeting cards. First became a big thing on the 14-day West Repo cruise, and it's been adopted by this group as well.

Mickey Organizers

OfficeMax has been selling this Mickey 3 piece set of a notebook, binder, and sheet folder, all with matching logos and finish on them. They are becoming quite rare right now due to them being on sale but more should be around any day now.

Oh, and a small editorial note for Disney Vacation Club:

Offer a Member Cruise polo for sale onboard!

(edited 07/5/05)
By now everyone knows that DVC went way beyond offering just a polo for merchandise. And considering the latest member cruise email, I think DVC knows we want the merchandise too! Excellent job on setting it up the way it is, everyone gets a fair shot at it!

(anyone who don't know, check email dated 5/9)

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