Welcome to the photo gallery of the 2005 DVC Member Cruise DIS Cruisers. 

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Mark & Mary Gums   Cabin 6636

Morton Grove, IL

Joined DVC in 2000     Boardwalk & Vero Beach



ohiomickey & ohiominnie's Family  

 ohiomickey Michael  & ohiominnie Karen with DS Nick & DD KT - Cabin 6564

London, OH

Joined DVC in 2001             Villas of Wilderness Lodge

Grandma Lightbulb's family     Cabin 6581

Grandma Lightbulb aka Mary is Ohiomickey's mom. 

Here she is with her DH Butch and grandkids Nick & KT at Wilderness Lodge
joining them on the cruise will be son Marc



Mikem861's family

Mike & Lisa Monaghan       Cabin 5148

Ida, MI

Joined DVC in 2000                           Boardwalk


dbond's family

Dorothy & Chris      Cabin 5138

Joined DVC in 1997        Old Key West


Sneaky3's family

Michelle, DH Oscar, DS Brandon, DD Sabrina   Cabin 5513

Miami, FL

Joined DVC in 1999    Hilton Head & Beach Club


Fireplug's family

Steve & Coleen    Cabin 6092

Kankakee, IL

Joined DVC in 2000

Boardwalk, Vero Beach & Saratoga Springs


Mr. Potato Head's family

Catherine & Jason Sampson      Cabin 7537

New Milford, CT

Joined DVC in 2000    Old Key West


ScottH's family

Scott & Lynn    Cabin 854

Jackson Hole, WY

Joined DVC in 1991

Old Key West, Vero Beach, Villas of Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club,
Boardwalk,  Saratoga Springs and Hilton Head. 
Yes that is all of the DVC resorts!!!!!!!!!!


cgcw's family

Gary, Cameron, Cindy & Walker Popek     Cabin 6058

Schaumburg, IL

Joined DVC in 2000    Hilton Head & Saratoga Springs


goofy4dvc's family

Roger & Mona Kepley    Cabin 7538

Wichita, KS

Joined DVC in 2000   Vero Beach, Beach Club, Villas of Wilderness Lodge


#1Mouse's family

John & Gail Zolnoski     Cabin 6076

Macomb TWP, MI

Joined DVC in 2002    Old Key West


sanddune's family

Chris, DH Mike, DS Ryan, DS Alex & DS Aaron   Cabins 6600 & 6601

Westland, MI

Joined DVC in 1999   

Boardwalk,  Vero Beach, Beach Club and Villas of Wilderness Lodge


Tiger Lily 03's family

Lily & DH Ted

Cleveland, OH (suburb of)

Joined DVC in 1998    Boardwalk & Vero Beach


bunnymkc's family

Marianne and Joe Cario (shown with their Grandsons)     Cabin 1062

Joined DVC in 1997    Old Key West and Boardwalk



Tricia Greene    

Little Rock, AR

Joined DVC in 2003    Old Key West and Saratoga Springs

Sadly due to her dad needing surgery Tricia will not be able to join us on the
Member Cruise.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tricia and her family. 


Odddog's family

Gregg Oddo, DW Cathie, DD Katelyn, DS Sinjin     Cabin 7039

Joined DVC in 2002    Beach Club

bbowers family

Beth Bowers Christ & DH Jim Christ     Cabin 6022

Cassopolis, MI

Joined DVC in 2003    Villas of Wilderness Lodge


Macdaddy's Family

Mike & Nancy McNamara     Cabin 6588

Rolling Meadows, IL

Joined DVC in 1999            Boardwalk


johnvn's Family

John & Kathy Van Note with their grandsons Nicoles & Preston Van Note   Cabin 6550


Joined DVC in 1997       Old Key West


OKWPA's family

Dale & Charlene Forck       Cabin 7500

Newtown, PA

Joined DVC in 1992    Old Key West


Kay B. Russell's Family

Kay & Harry Russell     Cabin 8012

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Joined DVC in 1999      Villas of Wilderness Lodge


bobbiwoz's Family

Bobbi & her DH Tom

Washington Township, OH

Joined DVC in 2003    Boardwalk, Vero Beach, Villas of Wilderness Lodge

Malone's Family

Carrie, her DH Nathan and DD Parker

Beardstown, IL

Joined DVC in 2003     Beach Club Villas

3Dan's Family

Bill, DW Angela, DS Billy, DD Kristen      Cabin 6536

Joined DVC in 1994    Old Key West


Mary Juncker will be cruising with her sister   Cabin 2058

Joined DVC in 2001    Villas of Wilderness Lodge


Seaulater's Family

Linda, DH Robert, DD Jamie    Cabin 6548

Salt Lake City,UT

Joined DVC in 1994    Old Key West


Tom & Diana Phillips    Cabin 6084

Addison, IL

Joined DVC in 2002    Beach Club Villas

Diana Lyn's Family

Diana, DH Bruce, DD Emma (who will be 2 when we sail) and DD Julia (still hanging in mommy in this picture)      Cabin 6599

Joined DVC in 2002   Beach Club Villas

bonzie1's Family

Georgie & Joe

Boardwalk and Old Key West



Stephanie Burke and boyfriend Vincent Bellucci       Cabin 6064

Joined DVC in 2003          Beach Club Villas and Saratoga Springs


Cyndy's party

Cyndy & DH "Doc" Dave are on the left

They are from Indiana

Joined DVC in 1999    Boardwalk & Beach Club


Stella & "Grumpy" Matt are on the right

They are from Michigan

Joined DVC in 2004   Saratoga Springs


tiggr11 & Iluvdisney

John & Mary Soronen      Cabin 6019

Westland, MI

Joined DVC in 1992   Old Key West, Vero Beach, Boardwalk, Villas of Wilderness Lodge

copper 3

Jeff Slank will be with his niece Casey     Cabin 6039

New Milford, NJ 

Joined DVC in 2003      Boardwalk

zoecaley's family

Kristi & Tom      Cabin 2614

Joined DVC in 2004    Saratoga Springs


Deb Wills     Cabin 6102

Joined DVC in 2001     Boardwalk  & Old Key West


cherylp3's family   

Cheryl & her DH Todd     Cabin 2131

Joined DVC in 1998      Boardwalk 

jhorner's family

Joelle, DH Matt, DS Tyler & DD Abigail     Cabin 2101

St. Louis, MO

Joined DVC in 2002    Beach Club Villas & Vero Beach


Jenny0725's family

Jenny, DH Brad, DD Morgan (7) and DD Allie (3)   Cabin 7505

Oswego, IL

Joined DVC in 2001    Villas of Wilderness Lodge & Beach Club Villas

traveling with Jenny are her parents Jack & Lynn   Cabin 7007

Oswego, IL

Joined DVC in 1997   Old Key West

alikat99 & dvcChrisVwl's family

Amy, Chris, DD Emily & DD Madison   Cabin 5024

St. Petersburg, FL

Joined DVC in 2001   Villas of Wilderness Lodge

Stitch#1's family

Stacy, DH Jeff, DS Nicholas  Cabin 2611

Joined DVC in 2000    Boardwalk Villas


CQUICK's family

Chuck, Connie & DS Patrick     Cabin 6154

Orlando, FL

Joined DVC in 2000    Hilton Head & Saratoga Springs


Rose (in blue) and her sister Janet (in green)   Cabin 5018

Janet joined DVC in 2000   Boardwalk, Beach Club and Saratoga Springs

Rose joined DVC in 2005    Saratoga Springs

Yensidfan's family

Pete Colletti, DW Faith, DD Courtney, DS Peter    Cabins 6639 & 6641

Orlando, FL

Joined DVC in 1992     Old Key West

apurplebrat's family

Karen & her mom Kaye   Cabin 7114

Joined DVC in 2002   Beach Club Villas and Saratoga Springs

Tinks dust & Grumpy-1

Mary Ann and Fred Conley    Cabin 5221

Their daughter is Stitch#1 Stacey

Joined DVC in 1992    Old Key West

JLSE50's Family

Jan & her DH Tom    Cabin 7565

Indianapolis, IN

Joined DVC in 2000    Old Key West

Shontell Crawford from DVC By Resale

Need points?  See Shontell

Shontell and her fiance Joe Grieco    Cabin  5137

Orlando, FL

DVC Resale broker since 1997, Member since 1999   Hilton Head & Old Key West

goofyforwdw's family

Brenda Verrico and her DH Ron    Cabin 5135

Melrose, MA

Joined DVC in 1996  

Hilton Head, Villas of Wilderness Lodge, Boardwalk, Saratoga Springs

Eeyores#1Fan's family

Timika, Money, Munchie, Mace     Cabin 2522

Joined  DVC in 2002    Beach Club Villas


Nezy's family

Noreen, DH Bob, DS Liam, DS TJ, DD Mairead     Cabin 8572

Joined DVC in 1998  Boardwalk, Vero Beach and Villas of Wilderness Lodge

HookdonWDW's family

Lisa, DH Damon, DS Sam     Cabin 6074

Joined DVC in 2002   Beach Club Villas, Villas of Wilderness Lodge