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Ahoy, Mary!

Welcome to the third edition of S.S. Member Cruise 2005 Cruise News. This time, we're going overboard to bring you the latest updates on our exclusive Disney Cruise Line« sailing for Disney Vacation Club Members. Read about the magical itinerary making waves aboard the Disney Wonder« September 4-8, 2005, a celebration of classic Disney themes!

A Wonder-ful itinerary
As part of the Happiest Celebration On Earth—Disney's biggest bash ever—the S.S. Member Cruise 2005 promises to be an adventure to remember. We'll celebrate 50 years of Disney Theme Parks and Resorts by highlighting a different Disney theme each day. You can expect exciting activities, giveaways and events during our special sailing:

• Sunday: We'll begin our voyage by looking back. The theme for our first day together is Nostalgia. Join your Disney Vacation Club neighbors and Cast Members for fun and excitement during the Sail Away Celebration.
• Monday:
The Disney Wonder arrives in Key West, Florida, for a day of Adventure, our theme for the day. Discover the inspiration for Disney's Old Key West Resort as you experience the area's natural beauty, colorful Victorian architecture and unique history. And during the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square (weather permitting), you can experience a legendary Key West sunset.
• Tuesday:
During our day at sea, we'll celebrate the Disney tradition of Fantasy. Read more about this magical day below!
• Wednesday:
Our theme is The Future as the Disney Wonder drops anchor at Castaway Cay, Disney's private Bahamian oasis, for a full day of tropical relaxation. Since our voyage ends the following day, we'll celebrate a special "Welcome Home" event aboard ship in the evening.
• Thursday:
We'll bid adieu to friends both old and new as our magical journey comes to a close and we return to shore.

Steer straight for fun with a Digital Souven-Ear!
After reading below about the boatload of thrills in store for you and your Disney Vacation Club neighbors, download our exclusive S.S. Member Cruise 2005 Magic Globe. Featuring Steamboat Willie, this Digital Souven-Ear was created especially for Members sailing with us this September, and celebrates our first day's theme: Nostalgia.

To download it, log in to dvcmember.com and click on "Just For Members." Then select "Member Special Events" and choose "S.S. Member Cruise 2005." (If your computer prompts you to "Open" or "Save" the Digital Souven-Ear, clicking "Open" will launch the file without saving it to your computer. Clicking "Save" will save the file to your computer, so you can launch it later.)

You'll have a "Ducky" time at sea!
This year, during the S.S. Member Cruise 2005, we'll make waves with guest speakers and guest performances as part of the Happiest Celebration On Earth. Discover more about Disney history and heritage during these engaging events and activities. Plus, you'll want to participate in the return of our popular Member Challenge for a chance to win a magical prize.

Joining us as one of the Guest Speakers will be Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Marketing Senior Character Artist, Don "Ducky" Williams. A longtime Member favorite, Ducky has been creating magical Disney artwork for Disney Theme Parks, books, print ads, television and more since 1980. Select pieces of Ducky's work have generated thousands of dollars at auction. One example: a limited-edition 2000 Official Disneyana Convention piece depicting Sorcerer Mickey sleeping on the job sold for $7,500!

Ducky is a popular Guest Speaker at Disneyana Conventions and on Disney Cruise Line cruises. During his appearance aboard the S.S. Member Cruise 2005, Ducky will draw Disney Characters to be given away, so you could have a rare opportunity to own one of his original sketches!

A Disney dream come true
For Ducky, creating Disney artwork is a dream come true. A dream that began when, at the age of ten, he saw Song of the South. "The art, the music, the characters—all of it made such an impression on me," he said. "I wrote a letter to Walt Disney and asked for a job!"

As Ducky was still in grade school, he would just have to wait awhile. So he served in the U.S. Navy for four years and became a Branch Manager of a bank in Springfield, Massachusetts, his hometown. But he never lost sight of his dream.

"Every Christmas, I would paint murals of Disney Characters all over the bank for the kids," he recalled. The elaborate artwork became a local attraction.

It wasn't long before Ducky decided to follow his dream all the way to Orlando. He took any job he could, submitting thousands of character sketches to Disney Marketing for years until his dream came true and he was hired. "It was hard work and a lot of good luck," he said. "I never take it for granted. I'm grateful for every day I get to do this stuff."

Be on the lookout for the next edition of S.S. Member Cruise 2005 Cruise News coming soon. If you'd like to discover more about the magical fun that awaits you aboard the Disney Wonder, just click here.

All the best for a magical springtime,

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