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Subject: Your "Cruise Countdown" has begun!

Ahoy, Mary!

Welcome aboard the maiden voyage of S.S. Member Cruise 2005 Cruise News—your source for information about the Disney Vacation Club S.S. Member Cruise 2005.

Congratulations! You're among the many Disney Vacation Club Members setting sail on the S.S. Member Cruise 2005. Thanks for booking this exclusive Member offering, part of The Happiest Celebration On Earth, a year-long global salute to the 50th anniversary of Disneyland« Park.

Next September, you'll join your Disney neighbors aboard the Disney Wonder« for four days and nights of fun, adventure, and magical surprises. Our enchanting voyage includes scheduled visits to Key West, Florida and Castaway Cay, plus a full day at sea!

You're probably counting the days until our special sailing begins. And the fact is, we're just as excited as you are! Now when you visit dvcmember.com, you can choose to set your Vacation Countdown (an option available on the homepage) to the S.S. Member Cruise 2005. Now you'll know exactly how much time you have left until September 4, 2005, when you embark upon a fantasy that's sure to float everyone's boat!

Be on the lookout for more editions of S.S. Member Cruise 2005 Cruise News in the coming months. We'll reveal more about our exciting itinerary, and share travel tips and other special announcements.

Once again, welcome aboard!

Your Disney Vacation Club Family

P.S. Ever wonder which world-famous artist created the chandelier glass sculpture located in the atrium of both the Disney Magic« and the Disney Wonder? Look for the answer in our next edition!