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Now, the last day of the cruise was Castaway Cay day. For Mary and I having been on 7 DCL cruises, the day on the island is looked forward to, but not a huge loss if we don't get there. We were more concerned for the first timers who really were looking forward to it a lot more. And with Ophleia churning up by Port Canaveral, not being able to dock was a sure possibility. But as we woke to find out, an unnecessary one. We were already approcahing the dock a lot earlier in the day than usual. Guess that Captain Henry wanted to get in at the calmest point he could to guarantee success. And he was right in doing so as we found out later on.
Castaway Cay 1

After yet another leisurely breakfast we headed down to join the group photo being organized on the beach. We find that there are sand scupltors already hard at work on a verticle scupture of the logo, in the area for the photo. I think they were hoping to have it done in time for the photo, but there was no way that was going to happen. This routine was not much different than last time. Set out a rope line for the forward edges, lay out the dvc flag in the middle and get us all in. And again we are impressed by the total unassuming personailty of Jim Lewis. No one would have thought any less had he brought his family to the fore for the photo. It is his company after all. But no, if you look at the photo, that's them, along the left side about halfway back. Every contact I have had with him and his wife has done nothing but impress me. He has been by far the best thing to come along for DVC in a long time.
Group Shot

Now, they disperse us but almost immediately make an announcement for the DVC castmembers to assemble for theirs, so we stick around for a bit so we can get our own pics of the people who really made this event hum along. They earned it and then some.
DVC Group

Cool stuff. Now we do disperse to the adult beach, which like last time was the more busy and our hanging around back at the boat beach is not going to help us here. All the seating locations we find are already taken and we are about to head back when I notice a second path a bit back from the beach and decide to explore it. And do find one set of loungers with the umbrella still down. Opening it shows why as one of the supports has come apart. And here I am thinking, just wonderful, I left those lime green zip ties back in the room. However, the umbrella does stay up good enough to allow us some shade so we stay for a bit. It is however getting VERY hot and humid there. And the ocean is very rough on that beach as there is no reef out there and is useless for the snorkeling we had intended to do, the water is simply too churned up. Now we see why the ship docked so early, the water must have been calmer then.

So at this point, us really feeling the heat, we decide to head back. Even to the point of skipping the buffet barbeque and just getting something from room service. Passing by the scuplture on the beach, they're still not done and it's now 12:30, the photo shoot was at 10. Glad they didn't wait on it. It's more intended purpose was for a sculpting contest later on in the day and I think they really were putting the effort into getting it perfect for that.

Thanks to Gail & John for the pic, as they stayed late enough to see the finished product!
Picture of Port Canaveral

We went back to the ship, and got a start, sadly, on packing up. Tomorrow we are getting off already. Time has flown. However, I finally get one of those things I was really looking forward to. The Ships Kettle. People talk about the shrimp in the boarding buffet. Nah, they're ok, but I can get them anyplace. This is a tomato bisque soup that nothing is the same as it, to me. The closest I can find on land is a creamy tomato ready to eat one from Campbells, but it pales in comparison. So we have a nice in cabin lunch, and get ourselves ready for tomorrow.

When a note is put under our door stating we won't be docking in Port Canaveral. Oops. Now for regular DIS readers, you may know this, but I'll outline for those who don't. The last time the ship was diverted to Port Everglades, the people who posted after said it was total chaos, both disembarking the ship and for people who were boarding there. Honestly the first time is always going to be at least partially a problem. How will this time fare? You'll need to read on for that. But at this point I decided to hold back on our luggage, my thinking is it'll be one less thing to bother with tomorrow, and we only have 4 pieces. Mary isn't too happy with this, but goes along.

We go to dinner for the last time and we are in Triton's. For anyone on our rotation, you already know, but we were by far the rowdiest table in the room. And no, it was not Mary and I either. This does continue in an interesting way. Earlier in the week they offered a galley tour and Fireplug and some of his cohort went on it and really impressed one of the chefs. He came out and said hi a few days back. Well tonight he did a LOT more than that! During the appetizer part we got not one, not two but three heaping plates of these langostino lobster tails.
Lots of Lobsterl

So Steve goes ahead and starts sharing them with both the Ohio family table and another table next to us we had some fun with on Pirate night.
Asst server Squid

They in turn send over a dinner sized bottle of champagne in thanks, which of course we had to go over and toast them with.
We are again visited by the chef during the dinner course to see how we are doing with the special bonus. And that kind of ends our dinner portion of the evening, sad to say.
Group Shot

Now, our after dinner entertainment on the other hand was stellar. I'm not exactly a big fan of one person singer stage shows. Not going to go run out and see them on the big stages in Vegas. I have to say we had an awesome entertainment this evening however in Susan Egan. She did a lot more than Andrea did last time, and was very warm to the audience. We had fun with the show, especially the part where she sang live the love song in Hercules to the animation and backup singers/music of the movie. Was just awesome. She was witty, and not above making some fun of herself in her song selections either. So a good evening and a good end to a fantastic cruise.
Susan Egan