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And we're through Day 3! It was a nice Day at Sea, with lots of guest panels and the like. After that double dinner last night we didn't even GO to breakfast!

First on the schedule was "A conversation with Jim Lewis". Basically it was in talkshow format and he covered a lot of news, including:

-He went over his past family history which was a nice beginning.

-There will be another 4-Day Member Cruise, October 22, 2006.

-There will be a 'Meals your way' plan in place soon. He plans to have some kind of firm announcement by the Annual Report time in Nov-Dec.

-There will be improvements to the dvcmember.com website in the near future.

-Covered new offerings for outside the Disney resorts.

-Lots of can't confirm or deny for any rumours.
Talk with Jim

Then there was lunch, which today was Seafood Day:
Seafood Buffet

We also hear the Ship's Horn at noon, courtesy of Scott and Lynn and their magical fingers..
Scott & Lynn

And then it was a conversation with Art Linkletter. Sorry to say both of us kind of pooped out during his show. Thankfully, it was re-ran later on the stateroom TV's and it was VERY good. Any talk that begins with "I'm glad to still be anywhere" is going to be good. He is a spritely 93 by the way.
Art Linkletter

And the next thing for us was dinner, which was the regular rotation at Parrot Cay, They've changed this menu somewhat since the last time we were on the Wonder, and the changes are only improvements. It's still caribbean, but not over the top so much anymore as it used to be. Of course there was specal decor even here.
Parrot Cay

But the evening goes on, and Cherylp3 and Todd got invited to The Walt Suite and managed to wrangle it to include the two of us, as they knew we'd never seen it. Awesome place, it's more like a small apartment than a cabin. We also had some more nice conversations with people high up in DVC, as they were already looking for input into what the next member cruise should shape up to be. They wanted to try in some way to encourage more first time cruisers to get aboard, and we suggested to them at some point they should split into two events, one 4-day for the new ones, and a 7-day for the repeat cruisers.
Walt Suite

Now, the weather interfered with Pirate Night the other night in cancelling the fireworks. So, instead, they held a deck party and ran them off while we were still at sea. This, of course, meant MORE food, which by that point we were quite fooded out, but it did make for a very nice display nonetheless.
Dessert Buffet

Next up is the day at Castaway Cay!