DVC cruise banner

And Day 2 starts off better than yesterday with a VERY leisurely breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet, and some time to get around, including finally setting up the internet package. On our way down to the Promenade lounge, we run into two of the true motivators behind this whole DVC event:
Matt, myself, and David
On the Left the DCL rep Matt and on the right the DVC rep, David. As hard as everyone works toward this cruise, these two are a big part of the group effort that has made this happen.

And for the double whammy right after was a 5 minute meeting with the captain of the ship, Captain Henry. We had good comments for all three of them and they had good ones in turn for us, makes us feel really good that our efforts are appreciated.
Captain Henry and me

Next up was a morning session with Ducky. If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of his seminars someplace, do not miss it. I really feel he is the last of a generation, and one of the best of it. Artist extraordinaire, and the stories he has to tell are fascinating.

Lunch was American theme today and of course there was the DVC representation.
Lady Liberty

Which is where we met up with Gail and John to go out on our own tour of Key West. KW is an awesome town, a very good port stop.
You'll see things like A Wyland painted building,

The only Margaritaville fully owned by Jimmy Buffett.
Jimmy's Place

Of course the most looked at tourist point, the Southernmost Point.
Southernmost Point

The view from the Lighthouse is spectacular!
Lighthouse View

After all that touring the island, back to the ship we go as we do have a double special night, first of all there was pirate night!
Pirate Nightl
Fireplug and his wife, Coleen

Then the famous KW sunset!

Then it was off to prepare for a later dinner with Jim Lewis, Senior VP and GM of DVC,
Jim and Us

And Christopher White, 2005 Walt Disney World Ambassador.
Christopher and Us

Which was the best part of the day. No real revelations from it, but was incredible to discuss Disney and DVC with the people who really make things happen there.