Castaway Cay.......TWICE!

Ok, Last day of the cruise. Boy has it sped by fast! After another quiet night of very slow sailing, back here we are docking at Castaway Cay again. Too Cool! We decided to start out a bit different with sit down dining in Triton's. It was nice having table service breakfast. We were also in for a pleasant surprise, we bumped into our server from our last cruise! Josko wasn't covering our section of the room, but when we ran into him on the way out he did recognise us. smilie Today had one, and only one goal: to get in the member cruise picture. We decided to go find some lounges first, since the time to lineup was at 10, and we were out there a good bit earlier than that. It's good that we did, they had even MORE surprises! There were inflated beach balls with the DVC logo everywhere!
Beach Balls
One immediately got deflated and packed away for the trip home smilie After a bit of more pleasant hanging around time to head over for the picture.

The cm's handling the crowd were quite efficient in getting us all to line up properly. People in now tropical print SS member cruise polo shirts everywhere! (hey! where can I get one??{Mark is a polo shirt addict, if you didn't know}) They've had different ones each day, red, blue, and yellow. Ok, now comes the dull part.

We watch this guy who looks like he's lived on the island for the last thirty years do everything BUT take the picture. Ok, he must have brought the camera up to his face about 20 times, along with a light meter, film to load the camera about halfway thru, different lenses, etc.. Couldn't he have done at least some of this before we all got there? After a half hour we finally all get dismissed. Well whatever the reasons the result was exceptional:

Group Shot From our POV
Ok, now here's your shot at some fun: Go ahead and find yourself in this crowd!
Gridded Group Shot
And here's links to each frame 1-5 from left to right: Frame #1 Frame #2 Frame #3 Frame #4 Frame #5

We didn't really stay on the island all that long today. There were a lot of member events!
Member Day
But honestly we really wern't into them. We just wanted to relax the last day and pack up, and the deck 4 chairs seemed to be a great place to do so. It was quite empty up there, well mostly! smilie At one end of deck 4, they had setup one of the crew emergency rafts and were doing a safety training course. They also had launched one of the lifeboats for actual use training, and were scooting around the harbour with it. But those deck 4 loungers are just too comfy! Both of us realxed out there for a great while, myself more than Mary who attended another shipboard collectors guild event later in the day.

Today is Disney Dreams day in the theatre. This IS the do not miss show shipboard. We decided, in view of the lack of kids and the upcoming sailaway party, to attend the matinee show they run at 2pm. They added this show just from the requests of parents to be able to take kids to a daytime show instead of keeping them up late. The absence of kids REALLY shows here, the theatre was deserted! There couldn't have been more than 2-3 dozen or so people in the whole place. The players didn't seem to mind at all and gave a stellar performance. It was as enjyoable as always.

After that we decided to go up and get a lite bite to eat. I'd been wanting to check out the wraps available at the Scoops ice cream station. On our way up we run into Gail & John who have the same idea and we all head up. I got a Grilled chicken caesar wrap that was very good, if a bit on the cold side. We basically as a group got he same things, John & I wraps, Mary & Gail got the chicken fingers and fries which of course John and I ummmm helped polish off. As close as you'll get to fast food shipboard, and after all the extravagant meals something on the basic side was welcome smilie

We finally attend another deck party!

Deck Party #1 Deck Party #2 Deck Party #3 Deck Party #4

Too bad it is the last one. But this one had as great an attendance and energy as the first one. Some of it might have had to do with the giveaways.

Free Drink Voucher
They gave away the prizes from the Member Challenge and for the people who bought points shipboard. Noone we knew won any of them sadsmilie But someone did and it was like the Price is Right everytime they called a name. Name called, bunch of the crowd pointing at one excited person who then runs to the stage. One of the DVC bosses then gets up on stage and says basicaly everything she could to say there will be another without outright saying so. We're there already, hoping for a 7 day! Again the overly loud music, but with a live band, but we now get to hang out more with people!

As the party went on we set sail for home. smilie sadsmilie

Being the last night, it kind of just went along. There's a lot of looking ahead to disembarking tomorrow. Already thinking about how to pack up as luggage had to be out of the cabin by 11 pm that night. With all that in mind (and mostly done, we did have time with the late seating and seeing DD in the aftenoon) we head down to dinner where we beagn - Parrot Cay.

It's kind of a farewell to our tablemates and servers, and the menu had changed to the 'It's a Small World' which is a sampler of dishes from chefs around Disney. They had certain enhancements in the dessert bar. It had desserts on display that had white chocolate rounds with The Logo on them! Very cool. The show definitely isn't over...yet. After dinner and saying goodbye to everyone we decide to hit the shops one last time. On the way we pass the dvc booth and they're giving everything away! Boxes of stuff just all up on the table, take what you want.

Well, that just about wraps it up from my perspective. The rest of the trip was just plain basic, settle in for the night, blow off breakfast and disembark in the morning. Catch our bus back to the airport and fly home. We already miss the fun, and look forward to the next one!

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