The First Day of Two at Castaway Cay!

Wake up and we're crawling along. Look round and you can see the island swinging into view. Time to go up to BBB for breakfast! Now we had a plan for today. This is 'no rush day'. The important things to do are to attend the ship tour, go see Treasure Planet, then stakeout a place on the family beach and do some swimming. With some lunch from Cookie's thrown in somewhere.

The ship tour with Tom Acomb was excellent!
Tom Acomb, Disney Imagineer
We began with the atrium where he introduced himself as part of the design team responsible for the theming on the Wonder. And then went into some good detail about how they do a lot of interior design. The one thing that was prevalent throughout the tour was the fact they really leaned on local help for some of the elegant detail work. A good example is in Triton's, on the back wall is a tile mural.
Hand Laid Tile Mural

The entire thing was handmade by a group of older, local Italian women who have been doing this kind of tile work for generations. Take a good look at it the next time you're shipboard. They hand shaped and set each and every individual tile on that wall.

The tour wound thru the atrium, over to the entrance to the WD Theatre, to Animator's Pallete and up to Palo's. Each location having special interest in its construction talked about. It was a fascinating experience. We left the tour at Palo's (it is where they wrap it up anyhow) to be on time for the movie.

I happily admit Treasure Planet is an excellent movie! The Disney movie magic is alive and well, I can assure you. Our only disapointment is in the fact it's going to be another of the movies like Atlantis - it really is too old for the toddler set and a lot of adults just turn their noses up at it, simply because it's a Disney animated feature. My father is solidly in the latter category. "That's kids stuff" he would huff. Gee if he only knew. How far off is it from a movie with tons of computer generated special effects? Something to ponder another time. Ok, good movie seen, dvd eagerly awaited now. Onto the beach!

We decide to hit Cookies first then settle in. Buffet barbeque is exceptional, lobster burgers are quite interesting. And we hookup with Robin(RRBB) and David for a pleasant lunch chat where we discuss our respective collections and the inherent greed of Ebay. It's almost tempting enough for me to buy a few dozen Cpt. Mickey toppers, put them on all at once, just to ruin the market for the greedy ones who probably have an entire boxful, but put them on one at a time to drive the price up.....naahhh, they'll get theirs, eventually.

Castaway Cay Beach
Now it's 1pm, and we arrive at the family beach which is half empty. I guess a lot of people are checking out the adult beach on the other side of the island, might be their first time. Which is fine, we've been over there, and honestly with so few kids, I don't think the family beach today was ever any busier than the adult one was the last time we went over there on the 7 day. Now as for the swimming.....well, the ocean waters were a bit cold for that yet. So we settled in on the lounge chairs for a while, had some virgin Konk Kooler, and headed back up to the ship. Mind you, we're doing the 7 day Western in May, so we will see this island again in warmer water. But the interest in doing some swimming was strong, so up to the adult pool we go. And it is wonderful! Warmer than bath water, I'd have to say. If you are not too excited to go to the island, shipboard pools will do nicely.

Afterward, We went to attend the Castaway Club party. They took over all three clubs to host this. They had an amazing spread!
Ice Sculpture
We wandered thru all three clubs, not really finding anyone to hookup with and hang out and the clubs were mobbed, so we moved on, and I wanted to stop by the internet cafe for some Dis reading. Now as a result of the CC taking over the clubs, the bingo got moved to the Promenade lounge, adjoining the cafe. I settle in at the terminal closest to the bingo, and one of the crew is there to pick up materials left laying around. I didn't at first notice, but Mary sure did, we got a Sasha moment!
He was helping with the bingo and you really can't describe the total energy this guy has for having a fun cruise. We chatted for a small bit, he was very excited to see Barb & Tony on the next cruise. We parted with the promise of seeing him later on.

We had, by then, set sail for our short hop over to Nassau.
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