Mark & Mary's Digital Scrapbook

Ship Railing pic

Ok, you're about to get as close to embarking on this cruise as you could get short of being there.

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I am also writing this in a journal type format, so most of it is going to be from my point of view, but I keep it as generalized as I can all the way thru. To begin, we need to go back to August of 2002. It was announced, then also sent out by postcard that the Disney Vacation Club would be taking over the Wonder for a cruise on Feb 2, 2003. They opened Member Services on a Saturday and nearly sold it out in one day. The last few sold out the following Monday morning. At that point, you could give them your email address for any announcements on this cruise.

Here's the three emails they sent:
Member Update 1(Sent back in December)
Member Update 2(Sent out January)
Member Update 3(Sent out March)

Now the itenerary for this cruise was also exceptional:
Feb 2 Sailaway
Feb 3 Castaway Cay
Feb 4 Nassau
Feb 5 Castaway Cay

The response of people on the Dis showed a large group were going to be there. At that point Mary and I decided to try to help out some in the get togethers. It just steamrolled from there into two set Dis Meets and buttons made by us and lanyards made up by Beth&Chris C. The excitement level over this trip was high - a total crowd of DVC and a good number of Dis people. Never mind the special itenerary.

So we came ready:click to enlarge

The first meet was set for anyone coming down early and the majority staying at the Radisson, this was the choice place. We picked the pool area, as it has a nice number of chairs. What we could not know is how cool it would get that night! Well with the beginning we met Minimahaki(Lauretta) and her group, then BethC and her entourage(who drove straight thru!), And then Cheryl(p3) & Todd, Gail(#1Mouse) & John, then Beth, and a very brief visit by Minnie*Mouse who wasn't feeling well and wanted to just rest in the room for the evening.

Lauretta(minimahaki) & George Carmine & Kay BethC & co Cheryl & Todd Beth Mark & Mary

We chatted for awhile, talking about the dis, the trip and anything else that popped into our heads. It finally got cool enough to drive us inside (BethC and co finally moving on to get some sleep), where a resourceful John convinced them to let us use the dining room when only two diners showed up. While this was going on in pops Regina and her clan, who are also quite hungry, to the happiness of the server. We all get to know each other some and share in the excitement of sailing tomorrow.

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