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January 20, 2003

HI! This is a fresh update, we are going to have great attendace at BOTH meets! Mary and I are really looking forward to meeting all of you!

This is the current list of Dis members who have checked in! I am not counting anyone going with, just members who I have talked to - I have a separate list I am keeping for that information.

#1 Mouse, Beth, BethC, bonzie1, brittsmum1998, Cap, CarolAnnK, Cherylp3, debkay, Diana Lynn, Disneyaholic, Disneymad, Donna, dvcreg, dznymom1, iluvdisney, ILuvDVC, Jenny0725, madcoco, minimahaki, Minnie*Mouse, MLC, mrsdon, nicurn, RRBB, sanddune, Shontell Crawford, wdw1972

And, the two Dis meets are as follows:

The First DIS Meet:
The Radisson At Cape Canaveral, Saturday February 1st
8701 Astronaut Boulevard(Just south of the port)
The main pool area beginning at 8:00 pm eastern

Ok, this is the first, and, optional one for anyone who'll be in the area the night before. All you need to do to get to the pool area is simply walk straight thru the lobby. No one will do anything to interfere, they regularly have gathers and such there. The only limitation is parking. The public lot is rather small. If you intend to be there, walking in if you can or maybe arranging a carpool or two is what I'd recommend.

The Second DIS Meet:
Onboard the Wonder, Sunday February 2nd
After the Lifeboat Drill, which usually happens at 4pm
Deck 10, Midship(above the Goofy Pool, on the dock side)

And this is probably going to be the more common DIS meet. Everyone should be able to get to this one ok. We can try for some kind of group shot if everyone is game. I can email pictures to whoever wants one when we get back. I'll also put together a new webpage of pics from the cruise when we get back :)

As for the buttons - all are made to this point! IF you want one and have not checeked in with me, what are you waiting for? :) My sample of one is shown below. I'm going to give them out as gifts. I'll even make ones for others of your family if you want them.

If you are interested in any, let me know how many and what you want on them, IMMEDIATELY. I am setting a SOLID CUTOFF DATE of the 26th. I won't have much time after this weekend to make any more. Will be too busy getting everything done at work/home so we can go! :)
Here's a sample:

I would really appreciate it if anyone interested who has not responded, DO SO NOW, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I need to know is if you are still going, anyone going with you(especially if they too are dis'ers), what meets you can/will attend, and what you think of the buttons. I really want constructive input, so any answer is a good one to me!

If you want out, please just say so, and I'll not contact you again.

Feel Free to contact me either via a post in the S.S. Member Cruise thread or email at mark_gums@prodigy.net

Please do not use PM's, they are tending to get lost right now. :(
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