Welcome aboard the S.S. Member Cruise!


This is an archive of the February 2003 DVC Member's cruise, which is something that is unparalleled in DVC or DCL history. I basically organized the DIS meets, made buttons so we could all find each other later, and basically had a fun time :)

Originally I only had these pages as a walkthru, but, now that it's long over, I made up this page to be able to browse it easier. I also included the dis meet page that I made up before the cruise as an info point for everyone to keep updated on.


Click Here for The Precruise Meet info Page
Click Here for The intro and precruise meet - Scrapbook Page 1
Click Here for The Sailaway Day - Scrapbook Page 2
Click Here for First Day at Castaway Cay - Scrapbook Page 3
Click Here for Nassau Day - Scrapbook Page 4
Click Here for Second Day at Castaway Cay - Scrapbook Page 5
Click Here for the Wrap Up - Scrapbook Page 6

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