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To begin with, here are,

The mailing that was sent out on the event: Click for the Schedule                                                                                 And the Schedule of Events:

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We have finalized the point of the meet!


Date: Tuesday, May 25th

Time: 3 PM local time

Place: The Land Food Court


Some further information comes from The February Member E-Newsletter:

In the very merry month of May
Have you made plans to take part in our Member Homecoming celebration at the Walt Disney World® Resort, May 27-29? Response to this exclusive Member offering has been outstanding, so now is the time to ensure your family experiences this truly magical event.

You can still purchase your Ticket to Magic which is your key to the fairy tale festivities. Savor sweet dreams coming true at a heavenly dessert party under the stars at Epcot®. Be treated like royalty with the red carpet treatment at the Magic Kingdom® Park. And witness Disney history being made as we welcome Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa to the Disney Vacation Club family.

Of course, every fabled fairy tale has its surprise moments. That's why we're keeping a few enchanting details under wraps, like the special 'goodnight gifts' you'll receive each day. No need to pinch yourself—this is the Member event of your dreams, coming true quite soon!

With tickets in short supply, make sure this May has a happy ending for your family. Call Member Services today at (800) 800-9800 to purchase your Ticket to Magic and join your Disney neighbors for this unforgettable celebration!

Now the above doesn't include anything we're planning, and we plan to have at least 1 surprise of our own.

Now, if you want to join up with us, there is a DIS meet thread at this location (clickable link): 20040525 Dvc Member Homecoming! (updated 2/18)--INDEXED

I also include the following image, that you may use in your signature line on the DIS (just copy the entire line to your signature  under UserCP):




Ticket Information


Note, that I am in no way affiliated with Disney, The DIS, Disney Vacation Club, or WDWINFO.COM other than being a member of the boards, just as you!

Last New Information 5/19

Well, it's exactly 1 1/2 days until we leave for Florida. So this'll be my last update short of being there! 

Button making IS concluded. If I have not made one for you yet, you won't get a custom one. I have a limited number of non-custom buttons, but those are first come, first served.

For those NOT going, here's what we got in the mail this go round.  The only thing I will not provide till we get back is a scan of the actual tickets.

The front of the card:

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4, the slot the tickets came in:

This will be page 1 of my trip reports page when I am finished.

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