Welcome to the DIS
March 22, 2012
 SSMC Reunion
AKA "It's All Gary's Fault" Cruise



Sailing to the Bahamas on the Disney Dream!

Day/Date Ports Activity Ashore Aboard
Thursday March 22nd Port Canaveral DIS Meet 3pm   3:45pm
Friday March 23rd Nassau   9:30 am 6:00 pm
Saturday March 24th Castaway Cay Cabana Group 8:30 am 4:30 pm
Sunday March 25th At Sea Pirate Party    
Monday March 26th Castaway Cay  Sing Along with Gary @2.30 pm at the Gazebo 8:30 4:30 pm
Tuesday March 27th Port Canaveral   7:30 am  

Cruise Plans

Facebook Group

Thanks to Dave for setting up our own Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=...37131636336581

Button requests are now closed

As in past years we will make gifts of buttons to all the DISers and their families. We do this as a way to identify the DISers to each other. We ask only 3 things: 1) you must be a poster on the DIS. In the past we've had people who just found our site via web searches. 2) we ask for your cabin number for the buttons so we can deliver them if you miss the meet. If you want your cabin posted on the site and in the mini navigator so others can find you great - if you want it kept secret we will do that as well. 3) only ask for a button if you are going to wear it. They do cost money and we would hate to waste the money if you aren't going to wear it.

DIS Meet(s)

Our DIS meet will be held at 3pm on Thursday March 22nd in the D Lounge on Deck 4.
 This is a great time to meet and mingle with your fellow cruisers, pick up your buttons and we'll even have some prizes for our pirate and swam winners. Click on the link above for a map showing location.


A a little game we play on the thread based on each 99th post and each 100th post. Gary (OKWMEMBER) who gave us the game on the 2008 thread has volunteered to be the pirate master this year as well. From Gary:

A reminder on how the Swan/Pirate game works:

To get a swan,
Every 99th post = 1 ES
Every 499th post = 2 ESes
Every 999th post = 3 ESes

t get a pirate.
Every 100th post = 1 Pirate
Every 500th post = 2 Pirates
Every 1000th post = 3 Pirates

OK, In the interest of fair play and WWWD (What would Walt do), I would like to propose some simple rules for the Swan and Pirate game.
If there is only one swan/pirate at stake and you don't have one yet, please wait until 95 posts are in for that run, then GO NUTS WITH THE POSTS!!!
Also, when there's more than one Swan/Pirate on the line, please don't do the multiple post thing. That's more in the spirit on the game,
to get more people involved in the thread. OK, I'm off my soapbox now. These are the rules we had on the other thread I had the game on.
I hope no one is offended and we have a great time with the game.

Your Humble Pirate Master,

The Sunrise Club with your hosts Dave & Sue

Once onboard come meet up in the early morning near the drink station with your fellow DISers and your drink of choice (coffee, tea, Pepsi are all welcome). A great way to review the previous day and have some fun. Last time we even learned how to make towel animals.   The sunrise club will meet every morning at 6:30 am near the drink station on deck 11 by Cabanas.  Click on the link for a map showing location.

Linked Dining

Dianne has agreed to coordinate the linked dining for the group. Let Dianne know if you want to be linked for dining either Main Seating or Late Seating.  Linking will be done once we past the 90 day mark.

Linked dining is now closed.

Ok Linked dining has been set, we have

Main Dining a table for 8 and 6...close together

Mark and Mary
Michael and Dianne
Tom and Ellen
Gary and Gail
Christine and Stewart
Stephanie and Kendra (I sent you a message)

Late Dining a table of 12

Chris and Bobby
Monika and Michael
Dave and Tanya
Julie and Joe
Lisa and Jill
Sue and Gail

Fish Extender Gifts

Monika has volunteered to coordinate the Fish Extender list. Sign up to share little gifts with your fellow cruisers and to get gifts in return in your Fish Extender.

Fish Extender sign-up is now closed.

Here is the Official/Final Fish Extender list.....

Cabins: 21 Adults: 44 Children: 14

Tacey (Snowwhitebelle) 5544
Crystal - DD 5544

Tiffany - (DBF of MNBROOKE)** 7019
Jeremy - DH 7019
Chloe - DD age 7 7019
Abbie - DD age 11 7019

Liz (aquamindy) 7062
Mike - DH 7062
**Claire - DD age 4 **Allergy Alert- Peanuts and Tree Nut 7062

Ray (rbcheek) 7506
Barbara - DW 7506
Viky - DSIL 7506

Stephenie (bitvoy) 7567
Kendra - DD age 18 7567

Kathy (QuiltTeddy) 7572
Fred - DH 7572

Donna (Disneyelf10) 7678
Sean - DH 7678

Christine (Silly Little Pixie) 7681
Stew - DH 7681

Lisa (FaithTrustnPixieDust) 8008
Jill - DBFF 8008

Gary (OKWMEMBER) 8012
Gail - DW 8012

Julie (julieamedeiros) 8523
Joe - DH 8523

Dianne (djstweety) 8554
Michael - DH (msgrumpy) 8554

Barb (BarbINFL) 8560
Justin - DS age 18 8560
Matthew - DS age 15 8560
Dylan - DS age 9 8560

Monika (Time4DisneyNow) 8576
Michael - DH (Time2Go2Disney) 8576

Mary (WDWLVR) 8598
Mark - DH (MarkRG) 8598

Karen (kbrush) 8678
Alexandra (Allie) - DD age 8 8678
Carly (Alexandra's DDBFF) age 8 8678

Jan (WinnipegTraveller) 8684
Eric - DH 8684
Saul- age 5 8684

Janet (Chernabog#1fan) 9058
James - DH 9058
Alexis - DD age 12 9058
Stephen - DS age 9 9058

Linda (DeCostaClan) 9079
Mark - DH 9079
Shawn - DS age 10 9079
Jason - DS age 8 9079
Eric - DS age 6 9079

Susan (cardidog) 9138
Terri - DF 9138

Charlie (MNBROOKE)** 9667
Joni - DW 9667
Brooke - DD age 8 9667

Sue (Susieq55) 10658
Gail - DBFF 10658


Cabana Group
Sign up for the Cabana Group is closed.

We have been able to obtain 2 cabanas on Castaway Cay on Serenity Bay.  Those confirmed for the cabanas are:

Cabana #19
Mary and Mark
Dianne and Michael
Chris and Bob
Ellen and Tom

Cabana #20
Tanya and Dave
Julie and Joe
Sue and Gail
Lisa and Jill
Gail and Gary

The cabanas are right next to each other so anyone with a cabana wristband can mix and mingle between the two.

Sing Along With Gary

On the 2009 Member Cruise Gary wasn't sailing with us but was still our Pirate Master.  He asked that at some point we meet, raise a glass and sing a Jimmy Buffet song.  The result was a great way to end the cruise meeting at the gazebo on CC and Margaretiville (with the words changed to "It's All Gary's Fault".  This time we'll be singing along with Gary.  Join us on our 2nd CC day.  After the sing along we can take a group picture on the beach.


Sample door signs:  Mark & Mary's Sign          Group Sign with blank for name

Meet the cruisers!

DIS Name(s) First Names B-Day Anniv. Cabin Dining Buttons Picture
Mary - DW
Mark - DH
Bear - DB
10/27 8598 Main Yes
Chris - DW
Bob - DH
9/29 8030 Late Yes
Dianne - DW
Michael - DH
5/4 8554 Main Yes
Monika - DW
Michael - DH
Duffy - DB
5/1 8576  Late Yes
Susieq55 Sue
  10658 Late Yes
Gary - DH
Gail - DW
11/21 8012 Main Yes
Dave - DH
Tanya - DW
9/18 8023 Late Yes
Lisa - DBFF
Jill - DBFF
  8008 Late Yes  
rbcheek Ray - DH
Barbara - DW
Viky - DSIL
6/1 7506 Late Yes
  9547 Late Yes
Ellen - DW
Tom - DH
    7688   Yes
Quilt Teddy
Kathy - DW
Fred - DH
4/4 7572 Late Yes
Tink - DM
Toby - DM
    10045 Main Yes
Julie - DW
Joe - DH
3/8 8523 Late Yes
Snowwhitebelle Tracy
Crystal - DD

5544 Late Yes
Donna - DW
Sean - DH
    7678   Yes
Kendra - DD
  7567   Yes
Linda - DW
Mark - DH
Shawn - DS
Jason - DS
Eric - DS
Jackie - DMIL
Doug - DFIL

Late Yes
Silly Little Pixie Christine - DW
Stew - DH
  20th 7681   Yes
kbrush Karen - DM
Allie - DD
    8678 Main Yes
cardidog Susan
  9138 Late Yes
BarbINFL Barb
Justin - DS
Matthew - DS
Dylan - DS
    8560 Late Yes  


For this chart we'll say the "D" stands for Disney so it lists who is the Disney Wife, Disney Husband, Disney Daughter, Disney Son and Disney Bear!




Disclaimer - This page is for the enjoyment of the benefit of the 3/22/12 DIS cruisers. Please note that we are not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Disney Cruise Line or the DIS in any way except for being posters on the DIS.  Thank you!